Re: Gnome-Voice-Control SoC Report - Raphael Nunes

В Срд, 06/06/2007 в 13:12 -0400, Adam Schreiber пишет:
> On 6/6/07, Raphael Nunes <raphael nunes enc04 gmail com> wrote:
> >     The problems that we was having with the applet was solved, some
> > actions over gnome desktop like run browser, run terminal, run mail,
> > close window, next window, minimize window, maximize window are
> > implemented.
> >     A finite state grammar was implemented to improve the capability
> > of recognize the actions. Now we have a functional software, I will
> > make a tarball release and will announce it at the end today or late
> > tomorrow. The code is into svn[1].
> It sounds like you're really starting to make some progress.  Is there
> going to be a modular way for applications to install additional
> actions other than the window manager's functionality?

I think final version will support gok-style applications management.
You'll be able to navigate menus, tables and so on. Actions defined by
widgets will be also available as well as dialog responses. It's not
clear yet will it be a part of gok or a standalone application, I hope
this discussion will raise on ally list soon. Probably text dictation
will be also supported.

Another issue to solve is multilingual recognition. Currently there are
English, Spanish and Russian models available freely. I hope there will
be German model soon. It's rather complicated thing that will require
substantial effort but let's hope we'll be able to accomplish our task.

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