SoC-Status 2007/06/07

Here comes my status report for 2007/06/07, which also is available from

All my status reports will be available form this feed:


No much progress on my SoC project: This year the LinuxTag took place in
my home town Berlin, so I helped out at GNOME booth there. Nice
opportunity to meet some GNOME people. Tim Janik told my about some
height-for-width traps - looks like I have to extend my unit tests.
Talked with Rob Taylor about some document centric usability
improvements for GNOME. Sven Herzberg enlightened me, that I want to use
GNOME Launch Box. Took a birds-eye view on Bug 347883 which was bugging
Michael Natterer for some time and fixed it intermediatly. It was
interesting to see how accustomed visitors of LinuxTag are to GNOME.

Got distracted from GNOME hacking by the forced server switch for Took the chance to setup a django based blog. Also got
distracted by Bug 440431: Needed that kind of widget for my Photobuch


Mathias Hasselmann <mathias taschenorakel de>

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