Foiegras-Tag Rendering 10/08/2007

Hi all,

This week, I spent most of my time on Foiegras and it worked pretty
good I guess.

Now the app can render both inline and block tags(with all styling)
nicely. I was struggling with implementing block tags in earlier week
and I understood the structure I was going to use (based on
gtk.treeview) was not the right one for it. So I changed the whole
thing for block tags and wrote a new structure which is based solely
on gtk.TextViews and it works nicely. The concept is, a new TextView
for every block tag(for child block tags inside parent block tags, we
put one textview inside other using a anchor) and it gives a pretty
good control over designing of the block ( such as background, border
and a separated context). So one thing is done. (The code is in
Foiegras-Tags branch.)

Now what I'm trying to achieve is rendering images. It's not a hard
thing, just have to use a pixbuf and finish it. But the hard thing is
first I have to get attributes of tags, check their validity and
render them. Each tag has different attributes and have to check them
all before rendering. But I believe I'll be able to finish attribute
support and images in this week. So that leaves only tables for next
week. I also thinking of writing a little developer guide for the
current work before soc time period is finished.


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