Re: Extensions review

On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 12:20 PM, Carlos Soriano Sánchez
<carlos soriano89 gmail com> wrote:


Jasper, what we should look at extensions to allow them in?
If it is only to see if something is malicious and the connect, disconnect
signals, maybe I can spare some time.

Yeah and maybe a quick scan for obvious mistakes.

I'm not that interested in extensions tbh, so I would willing to review
currents ones to give feedback
to that users that were not aware of Jasper not having time anymore. But I
would put a warning in the
website from now on, telling that we will no longer provide that service, if
it is our intention.

The thing is that we have way more submitters then reviewers (Jasper
is not the only reviewer btw.)
I think "recruiting" people from the pool of extension authors is the
best way forward.

Do you have admin / review access ? If not just tell me whats your
username is and I will grant you that.

As for why I do not do many reviews ... simply lack of time.

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