Re: UI Freezes in gnome shell, usually when playing video ?

The error dialogs DO bother me ... I have no idea what they meant ... and the same ones happen on an install of ubuntu on a VM that is only  a couple months old, as the laptop.

I love gnome, on the other hand I have a funny urge to make a timeline of all the features that were added and removed from nautilus over the years, but I think there is enough bashing of gnome from all quarters.

As soon as I get time I'll try some of the suggested live cds .. it's just... really boring configuring things all the time, then redoing it again.      Meh, I don't like people moaning on the net and here I am ... if I find a distro that works I'll collate all the rants.

I even got as far as trying to use jhbuild... but differet versions of ubuntu seemed to fail because of missing .pc files. .. etc etc...   really getting to the point where it's getting hard to care.


On Sunday, March 16, 2014 8:23 PM, Bazon Bloch <bazonbloch arcor de> wrote:
No such problems on arch.
One of the reasons I moved away from ubuntu was the bad Gnome-Shell integration (only using heavy patched Gnome-Software), I can imagine is it still as bad.

2014-03-16 20:53 GMT+01:00 Adam Tauno Williams <awilliam whitemice org>:
On Sun, 2014-03-16 at 10:43 -0700, Stuart Axon wrote:
> I'm not convinced this is purely an ubuntu thing, I'd be willling to
> try a different one if there is a live cd with gnome shell I will test
> it on that too.
> I'll try upgrading to 14.04 and see what happens too
> [Please ignore this slight rant:]
> I think I'm coming to the end of my patience with Ubuntu -

Good, I hope MANY people loose patience with Ubuntu.  Ubuntu has done
more damage to the idea of an Open desktop than all the Internet trolls

> My experience is thus:
> Turn on computer
> Login with GDM
> Close about 8 "a system problem occurred" dialogues (not sure if that
> is the actual text).

And *THIS* does not bother you?  I see ZERO "a system problem occurred"
dialogs.  Perhaps you could address the problem these are reporting?
Seeing errors upon login is already a rather bad sign.

> Now, from there - gnome shell is good, I like it (I don't mind other
> people can't use my computer (they're learning though).
> Then, often I try and play an FLV video (in a player/browser/doesn't
> matter) - after about 2 minutes it will do the freezing thing, which I
> can battle past and fix - funnily only for long videos, music is
> usually OK.

There is something unique to your setup occurring here, I have watched
hours of video while running GNOME Shell.

> When the computer wakes up from hibernate the fans sometimes go full
> blast I have to turn off the computer unplug it and take the batteries
> out, sometimes after that they are still FULL(!) - so I do it again
> and it behaves.

Can you view the computer's reported temperatures?

> TL;DR:
> I've been on gnome since before 1.0 and Ubuntu since Dapper, it is
> such a pain I might just get a mac, which is a shame as really think
> libre software is important and am adamantly cross platform in the
> code I care about.

Your experience is not normal.

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