Re: Installing specific versions of GNOME (Arch?)

Hi all,

ARM - great! Unfortunately the oldest snapshot is 31 August which is still 3.8 not 3.6 (should have thought of that before meticulously upgrading my 3.4 machine to...3.8 :P)
So - Fedora it is! And I'll be careful to take an Arch snapshot whenever gnome-shell updates :) (i prefer arch)


On 26 October 2013 16:44, Alessandro Crismani <alessandro crismani ieee org> wrote:

Il 26/ott/2013 02:14 "Amy" <mathematical coffee gmail com> ha scritto:

> Hi all,
> Well, downgrading my 3.8 VM to 3.6 didn't work (downgrading the `gnome-shell` package suspiciously only downgraded that package and nothing else; I had hoped it would hunt down all the dependencies and downgrade them appropriately too, but it didn't); now when I boot I get various errors about missing libraries to do with 3.4. Not too surprising.
> Also, since Arch does rolling releases it appears I can't tell pacman to upgrade the gnome-shell package by just one or two steps instead of the whole way.
> Clemens.......because that would make way too much sense, obviously. (d'oh!) I prefer Arch and I notice they still have a snapshot from a few months ago available (3.10 shouldn't have been on it yet), so I can try that (though since gnome-shell does not ship with Arch I suspect I will get the same problem that when I install it, it will update it to 3.10 automatically). Failing that, I'll just grab Fedora or Mageia.
> thanks all,
> Amy

As people pointed out, you may have luck using the arch roll back machine.

Start from your 3.4 version, edit /etc/pacman.conf and add a line to point to the day you want to upgrade to, see wiki for this. Then pacman -Syu should do the magic.


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