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Hi all,

Some notes:

* I would rather take my GNOME 3.4 snapshot and upgrade it to 3.6, rather than taking my 3.8 snapshot and downgrading to 3.6 (since the [Downgrading Packages][0] page on the Arch wiki says not to downgrade packages if possible).
* I will certainly add gnome and gnome-extra to IgnoreGroup on all my VMs to freeze the versions as they are -- thanks! However I can't do this until I have a 3.6 VM.

I guess it doesn't matter if I mess around with the downgrading though, because I can just take lots of snapshots to restore to :)

I will play with a few methods (I think I need to keep searching the Arch wiki for ways to upgrade to a specific version rather than downgrade to a specific version, but failing that I'll downgrade from 3.8) and report back.



On 25 October 2013 17:00, Joni Kurunsaari <joni kurunsaari kapsi fi> wrote:
Hi Amy,

I would try add package groups gnome and gnome-extra to IgnoreGroup line which can be found from pacman config file /etc/pacman.conf. Also you should add other gnome version dependent packages to IgnorePkg line.
I have not tried this by myself, so please take snapshot or backup before trying upgrade with ignore options.

More info on Arch Linux wiki:

Maybe someone else can confirm that this is right way to do this?


10/25/13 08:16:54, Amy <mathematical coffee gmail com>:

Hi all,

I've just upgraded my machine to Ubuntu 13.10 and I now realise that I have no machine with GNOME 3.6 on it for playing around with stuff.

I have a VM each with ArchLinux: GNOME 3.2, 3.4 and 3.8, but none with 3.6 (was using my main laptop for it).

Perhaps this is more of an Arch question, but is there any way I can grab (say) the 3.4 VM and 'pacman -Syu' to upgrade it, *but* get it to stop at GNOME 3.6 instead of overshooting to 3.10 (or 3.8, whatever is the latest version in the repos)? (Previously whenever a new GNOME version is released, I grab my latest VM, clone it, and 'pacman -Syu' it to get it to the new version, giving me a VM with that version).

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