Re: New scrolls bars?

Il giorno gio, 22/03/2012 alle 11.34 -0500, Josh Leverette ha scritto:
> I was experimenting with Fedora 17 Alpha in VirtualBox and I noticed
> that the scroll bars had changed from the very pleasing Adwaita style
> found in Fedora 16 to something akin to copying and pasting Mac OS X
> Lion's scrollbars into Gnome Shell. Is this intended by the Shell
> developers or is this implemented by the Fedora team? Googling
> revealed nothing related to this... and I'm a bit disappointed in this
> change, but more so that I couldn't find any documentation of it
> having happened.
> -- 
> Sincerely,
>     Josh

I believe it is intended, see (its the only link I could find)

What I really dislike is that non-active windows are noticeably shaded.
It should help productivity, it kills mine instead. That's because:
- I find it ugly (subjective)
- When I want to switch to another window I find it difficult to
differentiate them; I know this use case belongs to the overview, but I
still click on non-active windows to select them.


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