Gnome 3.4 beta possible bugs

Hi, I'm currently testing Gnome 3.4 on Arch Linux.  I installed it
with the testing and gnome-unstable repos enabled.

I tried going on the IRC to discuss these issues but I keep getting
kicked saying "Killed (Proxy or TOR node ("  I
do run a relay, but I'm sending my IRC throgh Tor, any ideas?

Anyway, while installing I was installing my computer was low on hard
disk space, so I'm not sure if this could be related to a bad install
or if it's actually a bug.  When I Alt + Esc between windows, the
border is appearing in the wrong places and I sometimes get visual
artifacts.  Before I file a bug I'd like to know if anyone else is
experiencing this.

Additionally, whenever I launch a virtual machine through VirtualBox,
Gnome crashes.  Where can I check logs to see what happened?

Diego Fernandez - 爱国

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