Re: New scrolls bars?


On 22 March 2012 16:34, Josh Leverette <coder543 gmail com> wrote:
> I was experimenting with Fedora 17 Alpha in VirtualBox and I noticed that
> the scroll bars had changed from the very pleasing Adwaita style found in
> Fedora 16 to something akin to copying and pasting Mac OS X Lion's
> scrollbars into Gnome Shell. Is this intended by the Shell developers or is
> this implemented by the Fedora team? Googling revealed nothing related to
> this... and I'm a bit disappointed in this change, but more so that I
> couldn't find any documentation of it having happened.

the change is in Adwaita: it's just themeing the gtk scrollbar widgets
to work as indicators, instead of full controls. it's something that
is increasingly common on the Web (e.g. all Google apps), as well as
Unity, Android, iOS, and Mac OS.

the wiki has a page about this:



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