Re: Highlight the "Activities" button on boot

On 10/15/2011 12:04 PM, Nishant Agrwal wrote:
> One of the oft-mentioned weaknesses of Gnome Shell, compared to other
> shells like Canonical's Unity, is that unlike its counterparts, Gnome
> Shell does not give a new user any immediate indication of how to launch
> applications or do anything, really. I understand and support the
> rationale that users are to be presented a "blank canvas" free of
> distractions and clutter, but the mentioned problem should also be
> addressed, so I would like to share this solution:
> *Highlight the Activities button when the computer boots up/user logs
> in*, so the user's attention is immediately directed that way. After the
> first time, the user would have figured out the function of the
> activities button, or at least understood that that is where he/she
> should go if there is nothing on the screen. The actual highlighting can
> be done in many ways, depending upon the designer's decision, as long as
> it's something to this effect:
> some suggestions:
> -Blue/Red Glow
> -Blue/Red Circle
> -"Activities" button text in blue/red
> thanks you

I'd rather have the 'Activities' text slow glow+blink three times and
that's it.

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