Highlight the "Activities" button on boot

One of the oft-mentioned weaknesses of Gnome Shell, compared to other shells like Canonical's Unity, is that unlike its counterparts, Gnome Shell does not give a new user any immediate indication of how to launch applications or do anything, really. I understand and support the rationale that users are to be presented a "blank canvas" free of distractions and clutter, but the mentioned problem should also be addressed, so I would like to share this solution:

Highlight the Activities button when the computer boots up/user logs in, so the user's attention is immediately directed that way. After the first time, the user would have figured out the function of the activities button, or at least understood that that is where he/she should go if there is nothing on the screen. The actual highlighting can be done in many ways, depending upon the designer's decision, as long as it's something to this effect:


some suggestions:
-Blue/Red Glow
-Blue/Red Circle
-"Activities" button text in blue/red

thanks you

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