Re: Highlight the "Activities" button on boot

Le samedi 15 octobre 2011 à 16:34 +0530, Nishant Agrwal a écrit :
> One of the oft-mentioned weaknesses of Gnome Shell, compared to other
> shells like Canonical's Unity, is that unlike its counterparts, Gnome
> Shell does not give a new user any immediate indication of how to
> launch applications or do anything, really.
The problem you describe only concerns the first time the user will try
GNOME 3. Given this, I don't consider a major issue that the user might
need a few seconds to understand where things happen. Since there are
not many buttons to try, and that there's a big button in the top right
corner saying "Activities", it's reasonable to assume the user will think
"oh, that's where I should go" before too long without highlighting.

Have you done some user testing to support your thesis that it's not the


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