Multiple Monitors

I have learned from "The Binary Idiot" blog, that in a multiple monitor setup it is possbile to configure the workspace behavior in gconf-editor. For the change to take affect you need to restart Gnome Shell.

When the option "workspaces_only_on_primary" is disabled, the Window overview on the secondary monitor show all open programs on all workspaces.

Personally I would like the secondary monitor to only show programs running on the active workspace.

When I change the "workspaces_only_on_primary" option from enabled to disabled, I get the following error message on one of the monitors when I restart Gnome Shell. ( Alt+F2 -> r ). "Oh no! Something has gone wrong ..." And it tells me to logout. Might not be a big problem if the goal is to change this option once, but what if you like to switch between this two modes?

- On a normal work day I want both displays to follow my workspace. ( workspaces_only_on_primary = false ) - But some times I want to lock one or a set of windows to my secondary workspace. ( workspaces_only_on_primary = true ). Maybe I want a webcast to be on my secondary monitor for an hour, while a do other work on my primary monitor. Then I want to change the workspaces_only_on_primary-option for a limited time.

Problem when change "workspaces_only_on_primary" from false to true:
- How should Gnome shell handle Windows on the secondary monitor on workspaces other than the active when this option change?

- Move affected Windows from the secondary monitor to the workspace on primaery monitor.

Could this be a part of design goals for Gnome Shell or is this a feature only I would like to see?

Lars Andre

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