Re: Gnome Shell performance degrades over time

Il giorno mar, 01/11/2011 alle 12.54 -0400, Jasper St. Pierre ha
>   $ mutter --replace
> Note that mutter can't launch anything by itself, so it won't be very
> useful. You probably want to run gnome-panel to get something to
> launch.
>   $ gnome-panel
> Additionally, using the Linux Perf toolkit could help. PixelBeat has a
> good summary:

Thanks for your suggestions again. Some other questions now that I've
tried, if I may :)

I've tried running mutter alone, however I am not able to see a
performance downgrade since I cannot go into the overview. My main
concern is that the zooming animation gets slower, but with Mutter I
don't get the zooming animation and I can't notice the downgrade (I have
to say that some lag is also shown when changing workspaces using
shortcuts, but that applies to Gnome Shell as well).

I also tried using the kernel perf tool. I run two perf records of the
whole system when experiencing lags and when lag-less. The windows that
were open were the same. The two reports look almost the same, if
somebody wants to see them they might be found at:

If you have other suggestions I am all ears. Suggestions for a better
profiling to help me filing a bug are very welcomed as well. Getting a
slow overview is painful, especially when the zooming works beautifully
before leaving the laptop for lunch. 



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