Re: Multiple Monitors

Il giorno mer, 16/11/2011 alle 17.11 +0100, Lars Andre Landås ha
> I have learned from "The Binary Idiot" blog, that in a multiple monitor 
> setup it is possbile to configure the workspace behavior in 
> gconf-editor. For the change to take affect you need to restart Gnome Shell.
> When the option "workspaces_only_on_primary" is disabled, the Window 
> overview on the secondary monitor show all open programs on all workspaces.
> Personally I would like the secondary monitor to only show programs 
> running on the active workspace.

Me too, I've mailed gnome-shell-list about this a few days ago and I am
still struggling to get an extension that does this.

Wouldn't it be better if the overview showed only windows on the current
workspace and when workspaces_only_on_primary=true all windows on the
secondary monitor were "sticked" using "show_on_every_workspace". In
this way if the gconf key was set you would get the same default
behaviour as now, while if it was unset you would only see windows from
the current workspace.

I am not a skilled programmer and I am having quite some problems
understanding how the overview is updated when different actions occurs.
What I am still not getting from the code is how to update the windows
shown in the overview on the second monitor when a workspace change is
triggered. Am I right that the windows that are shown are filtered by

workspace.js:686    let windows =
global.get_window_actors().filter(this._isMyWindow, this);

How can I call this for the external monitor when there is a workspace
change trigger in the overview? I saw that some connects are in
workspacesView.js, but it seems that tweening and updating are only for
workspaces on the primary monitor. My problem is that I am completely
lost when trying to guess the exact interaction between workspace.js,
workspacesView.js and workspaceThumbnail.js and the overview. Any help?

Thanks in advance for every suggestion :)

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