Hiding minimized windows from Overview?


I wanted to say that I really love GNOME 3, nice work all. :)

One thing I'm missing is a way to get windows out of the way when I don't want to work with them. For instance, I keep Evolution running 100% of the time but only check it every now and then. Same with Banshee, it's always running but I spend very little time with its window. 

I figured minimizing would do the trick, and I could get the window back using the dash icon (that already works). Problem is that minimized windows appear in the overview, and I only want the windows I'm working with to appear in the overview. 

Any pointers on how I could hack mutter or the shell to make minimized windows not appear in the overview mode? 

Also, if anyone has a link on the shell's planned design for minimizing I'd love to read about it.

Thank you all,

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