Re: Requiring GnomeDesktop, version none: Typelib file for namespace 'GnomeDesktop' (any version) not found

Il giorno mar, 03/05/2011 alle 11.59 +0200, Philipp Mohrenweiser ha
> This shown as an error when tring to
> load xrandr-indicator gnome-shell-extensions gnome org in looking
> glass.
> I have also seen this when playing around with gjs but dont remember
> what exactly.

Using xrandr-indicator in 3.0.* won't work, the required patch in gjs
was not merged. It will fail with a different error
(Really, I should remove it from the stable branch, but probably it is
too late.)

> I am using 3.0.1 from a manual build i started last night. 
> Someone told me i have to enable gobject-introspection for
> gnome-desktop package, but i cant find info howto do that.
> If thats right could you point me on that, or else tell me what i am
> doing wrong?

If you're building from jhbuild, it should be enabled, and if not file a
(You can fix it manually by editing the moduleset and adding
"--enable-introspection" to the autogenargs of gnome-desktop)
Otherwise, file a bug at your distribution.


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