Re: A few comments regarding Gnome-shell

On Mon, 2011-03-07 at 13:51 +0100, David Prieto wrote:
> Gnome-shell has some tiling features built in *
> I guess by that you mean that you can drag a window to the edge and it will be resized to half the screen size so that you can have two windows side by side? Or is there anything else I'm not aware of?
> and when the windows are side by side its two clicks vs. one. Of course it can be weighted against additional clutter on the screen. I like having everything in one place (the window). But maybe thats old-fashioned.
> I think we pretty much agree there. I like that top-panel menus unclutter the screen, but I also see your point about saving one click and honestly, I can't give an objective reason to put one above the other. I think it boils down to personal preference, doesn't it.
> Regarding unity: i confess i like that in unity the titlebar is integrated with top panel when windows are maximized.
> It's a pretty smart move, yes. One that I'd like to see in GS one day.

Actually, It makes no sense hiding the menubar there. IMO, it defeats the whole purpose.
Maximizes space for app? Yes!
By throwing pointer one will indeed land in the menubar region. 
But, How does one land on the menu we are looking for? We cant even know
what is available.
No two apps have the exact same menu items, and hiding the menubar when
not hovering will gives no clue which menu location to hit.

Right now, Its just a random throw at the top and then search for the
menu item.

On Mon, 2011-03-07 at 11:43 +0100, David Prieto wrote:
> Hi Jürgen,
> As for the advantages, I think it would go well with Gnome3's efforts
> to remove clutter and distractions, by hiding every menubar except for
> the one from the active window. Seriously, I can't recall ever having
> wanted to open the menubar of an inactive window, partly because in
> most cases they're half-hidden anyway and you need to raise the window
> first, so why not go all the way and hide them entirely?
While Appmenu can be a reasonable option for a downstream distro, like
Ubuntu, since they cant make the changes in all apps. Doesnt seem
sensible for GNOME to follow that path.

> Also, I think it would give purpose to the top panel. Right now you
> have the application's name over there, and get a single "Quit" option
> when you click it, which looks sad and lonely to me. I don't know if
> there are any other plans for that, though.
However, Shell's Top panel does indeed look sad.. ;) 


PS: it would actually be better if you subscribed to the mailing list,
than asking *everyone* else to CC you for questions you've asked. It
would show more interest from your part in Shell development than just
someone looking to hit-n-run..  ;)

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