Re: Extensions Infrastructure Work

On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 08:28:12AM -0400, Jesse Hutton wrote:
> > As you do not have stuff like ActiveX, you need something to retrieve
> > the info. Having something with local storage means it has to already be
> > known by the browser. So you'll have to change the local storage of all
> > possible browsers...
> >
> There are very good reasons why this type of thing doesn't work across
> browsers. If we want to make it so users can install and manage extensions
> from browsers, it should be through browser extensions and not a local http
> server hack.

That'd be another option. You'd need to create and maintain the
extensions and ensure that they're installed for various browsers.

But would like to focus again on actual code. A bit too much talk vs
actual code.

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