Re: My opinions on Gnome Shell

Il giorno dom, 19/06/2011 alle 17.12 +0100, Dimitris M. ha scritto:
> >> 1. No minimize button (I can't even mention the number of times I have
> >> cursed you for this, so far...).
> >
> > Minimizing is pretty much an obsolete notion. 
> Software exist to serve the users' needs. I need minimizing.
> I believe the number of people that need minimizing vastly outnumber those who don't.

You believe. Beliefs are not enough, we need data.
Btw, a new solution for minimizing is being discussed for particular
apps like empathy or transmission, that are naturally put in the
background by the user.

> >> 2. Switching between widows is PAINFUL. The options I have is: move
> >> mouse to top-left or press the window key.
> >
> > Alt-tab / Alt-tick
> Window management should not require keyboard.

Unfortunately, there are too many conflicting requirements here:
1) No keyboard
2) No screen clutter (docks, taskbars, workspace widget, etc.)
3) No moving windows without reason
4) Windows are able to overlap each other
You can have three of those at a time, not all four, and each wm pick
his favorite combination. gnome-shell chose 2,4 + a compromise between 1
and 3, which IMHO is the best of possible choice (althoug I still cannot
train myself to use alt+abovetab).
If you have a better solution, please tell the designers at
#gnome-design, but beware: all known possibilities (including those
featured by other systems and wms) have already been evaluated and
rejected, for one reason or another.

> >> Then when the "window" view opens, and after its effects are finished,
> >> I cannot immediatly find the window I am looking for. Why? Because of
> >> the effects. Colors fade, windows thumbs pop and resize and rearange.
> >
> > The effects are instant for me. 
> The effects are pretty fast on my machine too. However they still blow my focus.
> In general moving things are intrusive. Here is my list of intrusiveness, from worst
> to less bad:
> 1. Rearranging stuff. I map the relative position of each open window in my desktop
> even when they are overlapped. The rearranging effect completely destroys that.
> 2. Moving stuff (slides, scales, etc.)
> 3. Fades in and out.
> >> the one I am looking for. Also the virtual desktops bar at the right, I
> >> have to move my mouse on top of it to see it all! Very annoying, too
> >> many mouse moving around.
> >
> > Ctrl-Alt-Up/Down
> Window management should not require keyboard.

Changing workspace is not window management, is task management. Under
gnome-shell design, if you switch workspace, you're actively moving on
to a different task, so it is expected that you use the Activities


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