Re: Changing how I work in Gnome 3

On 06/11/2011 10:59 PM, Julien Olivier wrote:
Le dimanche 12 juin 2011 à 01:52 +0100, Artur Wroblewski a écrit :
On Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 1:26 AM, Andrew Pitonyak<andrew pitonyak org>  wrote:
Assume that I have only two (OOo) documents open. I can use
Alt+Tab to quickly move to OOo, but, I don't see an easy way to jump into a
specific document that I see.
try to use the key above tab key.

The "down" key seems to work too, and is quite intuitive
Excellent, both the arrow keys and the key above tab work for this. As long as I configure my Terminal windows to have a different physical appearance (such as opening a different number of tabs in each Terminal window), this helps considerably.

Remember that I can use Alt+` to should help when I know that I want to stay within a specific application. I suppose that a set to cycle through the windows in a specific virtual desktop would also be nice (note that anyone can easily remember all the different keys).

I usually dislike change, but, one thing that I do like is the ability to center click on an already open window in the activities section to open that application in a new virtual desktop.

As with every major change, I will learn to live without the things that I preferred from the previous way, and also become dependent on the new things that I love.

Andrew Pitonyak
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