Re: Ideas and suggestions for Gnome shell.

Refering to point 4, you can change icons' size o that there appear  8 per row. And 6 rows in a screen. Having such large icons does not contribute for a fast workflow,

Javier Domingo

El 11/06/2011 07:40, "Dilip P Kumar" <kaambuuu gmail com> escribió:
> Hello everyone.
> This is my first post to this mailing list. I have been using gnome for
> the past 2 years and Gnome 3 for the past 15 days. I loved Gnome 3.0 :)
> After using it for the past few days, I have a couple of ideas I wish to
> share.
> *I am NOT going to touch the minimize button or the power off option
> issues. I
> like things the way they are with regard to these.*
> 1. The Activities hotspot should work when using applications in
> full screen mode. For example, while using evince in full screen mode,
> moving the mouse to the top left corner should bring up the shell
> overview.
> 2. I loved the idea of being able to search google and wikipedia by
> typing in the overview mode. It will be awesome if someone can also
> include a dictionary search feature with this. Being able to look up a
> word by typing it in the overview will be very useful. Also, if it can
> work as a simple calculator, it will be useful.
> 3. In the new Gnome 3 work flow, I find right clicks to be getting in
> the way of doing things. Especially in the file browser. If the most
> commonly used menu items from the right-click menu are replaced by
> icons on the side of the screen, it might make the work flow more
> efficient. I am not sure if the gnome-shell is responsible for
> providing this feature. I am suggesting it here because the core of
> gnome shell seems to be improving the work flow, and this is a method of
> improving the work flow.
> 4. The applications tab in the overview will be nicer without the "all"
> category. In computers like mine which have a large number of
> applications installed, the number of icons that have to be shown under
> the "all" category is huge. I have around 214 icons that are shown in
> 54 rows, 4 icons per row. Since I have to either use the search
> feature, or go to a more specific category to find the icon I am
> looking for, the "all" category is useless. In my opinion, the
> application tab will look and feel cleaner without the "all" category.
> 5. I liked being able to respond to empathy chat messages directly from
> the notification area. It would be awesome if I could also read emails
> and send quick replies the same way. Basically, I am talking about
> a more complete integration of evolution with the gnome shell.
> 6. Many times, I like to start a new application in a fresh workspace.
> An "Open in new workspace" option in the right click menu would be
> nice.
> Hope I was of some help. :)
> Cheers,
> Dilip.
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