Re: Ideas and suggestions for Gnome shell.

Dilip P Kumar <kaambuuu gmail com> writes:


> 1. The Activities hotspot should work when using applications in full
> screen mode. For example, while using evince in full screen mode,
> moving the mouse to the top left corner should bring up the shell
> overview.

IMO, the activities hot spot often accidentally triggers the overview
for me.  I'd love to disable it. ;-)

> 2. I loved the idea of being able to search google and wikipedia by
> typing in the overview mode. It will be awesome if someone can also
> include a dictionary search feature with this. Being able to look up a
> word by typing it in the overview will be very useful. Also, if it can
> work as a simple calculator, it will be useful.

All these things are fine but rather useless as long as there's no
display of the results in the overview.

> 3. In the new Gnome 3 work flow, I find right clicks to be getting in
> the way of doing things. Especially in the file browser. If the most
> commonly used menu items from the right-click menu are replaced by
> icons on the side of the screen, it might make the work flow more
> efficient.

Where do you want to have the icons?

But I think the general idea of dynamically showing icons for the
actions a user has done most frequently in a period of time would be

> 5. I liked being able to respond to empathy chat messages directly
> from the notification area. It would be awesome if I could also read
> emails and send quick replies the same way. Basically, I am talking
> about a more complete integration of evolution with the gnome shell.

Everyone will hate you if you send poorly formatted, badly quoted mail
around.  But anyway, new mail notifications wouldn't be that bad for
users of evolution.

> 6. Many times, I like to start a new application in a fresh workspace.
> An "Open in new workspace" option in the right click menu would be
> nice.

You can middle-click the apps icon in the overview.  That will open it
in a new workspace.


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