Re: Ideas and suggestions for Gnome shell.

Il giorno sab, 11/06/2011 alle 11.03 +0530, Dilip P Kumar ha scritto:
> Hello everyone.
> This is my first post to this mailing list. I have been using gnome for
> the past 2 years and Gnome 3 for the past 15 days. I loved Gnome 3.0 :) 
> After using it for the past few days, I have a couple of ideas I wish to
> share. 
> *I am NOT going to touch the minimize button or the power off option
> issues. I
> like things the way they are with regard to these.*
> 1. The Activities hotspot should work when using applications in
> full screen mode. For example, while using evince in full screen mode,
> moving the mouse to the top left corner should bring up the shell
> overview.
> 2. I loved the idea of being able to search google and wikipedia by
> typing in the overview mode. It will be awesome if someone can also
> include a dictionary search feature with this. Being able to look up a
> word by typing it in the overview will be very useful. Also, if it can
> work as a simple calculator, it will be useful.

I have a dictionary extension that launches gnome-dictionary. It is
blocked on bug 643610.

> 3. In the new Gnome 3 work flow, I find right clicks to be getting in
> the way of doing things. Especially in the file browser. If the most
> commonly used menu items from the right-click menu are replaced by
> icons on the side of the screen, it might make the work flow more
> efficient. I am not sure if the gnome-shell is responsible for
> providing this feature. I am suggesting it here because the core of
> gnome shell seems to be improving the work flow, and this is a method of
> improving the work flow.

Menus are in general being replaced by App Menus / Mega Menus /
Chrome-like big buttons (or that's what they're discussing). I don't
know about right click menus, but I think they be ditched eventually, if
only because there is no right click on a touchscreen. You should talk
on #gnome-design IRC (or file bugs to individual apps), since this has
little to do with gnome-shell.

> 4. The applications tab in the overview will be nicer without the "all"
> category. In computers like mine which have a large number of
> applications installed, the number of icons that have to be shown under
> the "all" category is huge. I have around 214 icons that are shown in
> 54 rows, 4 icons per row.  Since I have to either use the search
> feature, or go to a more specific category to find the icon I am
> looking for, the "all" category is useless. In my opinion, the
> application tab will look and feel cleaner without the "all" category.

Funny, considering that soon the All category will be the only one. You
should comment on bug 638271, and talk to designers.

> 5. I liked being able to respond to empathy chat messages directly from
> the notification area. It would be awesome if I could also read emails
> and send quick replies the same way. Basically, I am talking about
> a more complete integration of evolution with the gnome shell.

Further integration is planned
but it is expected to be possible without any gnome-shell code (i.e.
with libnotify only), so you should file a bug and write a patch for
notification plugin in Evolution directly.

> 6. Many times, I like to start a new application in a fresh workspace.
> An "Open in new workspace" option in the right click menu would be
> nice. 

Middle-click. File a bug if you want the menu item (it doesn't sound a
bad idea to me)


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