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How about a Journal drop-box in the message area? Yes, it doesn't fit with the goals of the message tray, but it does seem intuitive enough. Just a thought.

-- Akshay

2011/6/4 António Fernandes <antoniojpfernandes gmail com>
Hello. This is my first post on this list, which I have been reading for the last 8 months. As such, I shall start with a thank you for everyone who contributed for Gnome Shell! It is an amazing desktop experience!

I have read Federico's narrative and mockups [0] and have some thoughts and ideas I would like to share. I think the proposed design of the Journal is more window-like than overview-like. In other words, I think the proposed behavior and features would work better (and more consistently with the whole desktop experience) as an application window than as an overview tab.

Lets take the calendar as an example: we have got the Gnome Shell menu and a full-featured calendar application (Evolution). All the management is done in the application window. The Calendar menu is a simple (yet useful) read-only list of events with the "Open Calendar" option to open the full-featured application.

I think the Journal could be integrated in a similar way: a simple read-only view of Journal events (clicking on them would open the corresponding file/conversation/etc.), and with the option "Open Journal" to open the full-featured Journal application.
That Journal integration could be either a new tab inside the Activities overview or a new menu on the Top Bar.

I have also thought about a third option: having both Journal and Calendar events in the clock menu. [1] I'm not sure if it makes sense, but they both deal with events. Don't mind this if it is a stupid idea. :D

Sorry for the long text and my bad English.


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