Re: Comments about Finding and Reminding

On Fri, 2011-06-03 at 11:25 +0200, Milan Bouchet-Valat wrote:

> I agree with Allan's concern that the overview might not be the right
> place for managing things. It's meant to find, click and close. Dragging
> a file to the reminders in the overview would really be painful if you
> need to click and keep pressed, go to the Activities corner, switch to
> the Finding and Reminding panel...

Yes, putting the journal/reminders as a third section of the overview
would indeed be cumbersome.

One thing I put in the prototypes, which I'm sure will be controversial
(and which Seif had already proposed about a month ago on the list) is
to move the Windows / Applications buttons directly into the top panel,
rather than making you first open the overview to access them.  This
would reduce the number of steps you need to take to perform common
operations like choosing a window.

By putting a "Journal" button next to the Windows/Applications one, in
the top panel, or somewhere in that toplevel mode, I think we could make
things work smoothly.  You start dragging a file from an app, and you
hover the Journal button.  The journal itself slides out partially, and
you drop your file where you need.  The idea is that the journal is as
direct to access as possible, and that it doesn't cover your whole

> I won't pretend that's /the/ solution, but how about dragging stuff to
> the calendar? Roughly, we could have an expander named Pending Work, To
> Do, or anything, that would show documents just like events are shown
> now. Dragging a file to the date in the panel would immediately open the
> calendar and the expander, and you could drop files either on a specific
> date, or on the expander ("no precise date").

Yeah, that could work as well.  I do like the idea of having the
reminders close to the calendar; after all, they are date-based.  That
would also de-clutter the journal view.


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