Re: Comments about Finding and Reminding

Le jeudi 02 juin 2011 à 13:00 -0500, Federico Mena Quintero a écrit :
> > (03:23:55 PM) aday: * i'm not convinced by the 'pending' part on the
> > right - i don't want to be reminded of what i have to do every time i
> > go to open a document, nor do i particularly like the idea of
> > introducing more 'management' work that a user has to do to allocate
> > documents there
> > (03:24:14 PM) aday: this thing should require as little user 
> > management as possible, preferably none
> Yeah, I'm not entirely happy with the reminders section yet - all the
> "Pending" areas.
> I did it that way to borrow some concepts from Getting Things Done, in
> particular the tickler file, while trying to make it less "formal" or
> with a less-rigid way of using it.
> I want an informal, but reliable way of scheduling things - "I need to
> deal with this sometime next week" - not something as rigid as, say,
> Evolution's to-do list.  Or maybe we just need an informal-looking way
> to use Evo's infrastructure as it is; it would certainly be good to
> explore that (e.g. does VTODO support DTSTART/DTEND or DTSTART/DURATION
> properties, and can we use that to represent "sometime next week"?).
> Suggestions for how to schedule things are very much appreciated.  I'm
> not happy about the clutter that the reminders section adds to the
> journal view.
I agree with Allan's concern that the overview might not be the right
place for managing things. It's meant to find, click and close. Dragging
a file to the reminders in the overview would really be painful if you
need to click and keep pressed, go to the Activities corner, switch to
the Finding and Reminding panel...

I won't pretend that's /the/ solution, but how about dragging stuff to
the calendar? Roughly, we could have an expander named Pending Work, To
Do, or anything, that would show documents just like events are shown
now. Dragging a file to the date in the panel would immediately open the
calendar and the expander, and you could drop files either on a specific
date, or on the expander ("no precise date").

Mostly thinking out loud here, but there are not a hundred possibilities
if we don't want to create a little separate GTK app allowing for more


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