Re: The logic behind remove "Restart" and hide "Power Off" in User menu.

Hi Jon, hi Milan!

> Le samedi 26 février 2011 à 12:27 -0500, William Jon McCann a écrit :
>> It is also worth pointing out that you can't really measure waste in
>> absolute terms anyway.  Waste is subjective: it means to use
>> carelessly or without value.  I think it is pretty clear that, for
>> many, there is value in suspending instead of stopping activities.
>> So, we're spending a tiny tiny bit of energy here in the suspend case
>> in order that we may save a tremendous amount of energy in others.
>> That isn't waste - that is investment.
> This reasoning is only true if users care less about power consumption
> than about restoring their work. Which in turn supposes :

Jon is certainly true for the lunchbreak-idea I presented before. I truely
don't want to not save all my work and stop the computer so suspend is an
advantage here compared to leaving my computer running as it would usually

But the other case is the end of the work day. In the companies I worked
everybody closes all her/his work there and saves everything. This is also
important because there is maintaince work going on at night usually
involving automatic restarts and installation of updates (ok, this was a
Windows environment). It is also possible that power is rather switched
off during night because some things need to be fixed. So suspend isn't a
very safe state there and has a huge power disadvantage compared to
switched off state.

Actually in that company it was even forbidden to keep your PC on over
night and if you had to, you would have to put on a sign "Don't switch
off, simulation running" because otherwise the IT-people would simply
switch if off for you.

So, I hope you understand that we are talking about different things and
that it would be a good idea to have an additional (non-meta-requiring)
button to switch your computer off.


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