Re: The logic behind remove "Restart" and hide "Power Off" in User menu.

Hi Jon!

> No, that bug was about the menu item and the resulting dialog being out of
> sync.

Well, I can file a new bug if you like but still it doesn't seem that
there is a good place to discuss this regarding the usual ignorance of
mailing list posts on this topic which I can understand due to the bad
signal/noise ratio.

> There is some information about what we're trying to achieve with the
> system stop options here:

There is absolutely no information about why suspend is the default apart
from telling that this is what happens when you close the lid on a laptop.
I think you can argue that it might be a reasonable default for laptops
but it is not at all a reasonable default for a desktop PC. And this is
not discussed at all in the linked page.

On a desktop for me there are the following links

* I'am done with it for now (= I go home/out now) -> power off
* I'am done with it currently (= lunchbreak) -> suspend
* I want to install an update (= Restart)

I never changed batteries in my desktop nor do I usually disconnect the
power cord (though I switch it off to save the standby power of the
ATX-Power-Supply and the monitor, which badly kills suspend-to-ram). Maybe
German's are more energy aware than other people in the world but this is
definitely common in Germany. And companies generally require employees to
shutdown their desktop when they go home.

Thanks and regards,

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