Re: Visual cues

I'd like the idea of, maybe, having a "balloon menu" widget or
whatever (like when you click on your username and it displays
activity status, lock screen, etc) be displayed below the activities
button saying something like "click Activities to see an overview your
available applications, blah blah etc".

The above idea could be expanded to a generlized concept of having
"tooltips", balloon-messages or whatever (what's the proper term for
those widgets? they're the same ones that appears as tray
notifications, right?) appearing at regular intervals (or after some
period of user inactivity, indicating confusion?) giving some short,
informative cues about key points of UI integration. I guess the
specifics of what this should look like are a design concern.

Another nice visual cue might be to "buttonize" the word 'Activites'
as it appears in the upper-left, as that would be a nice visual cue
for new users to click on it to make something happan . As it stands
right now, it just appears to be a label.. granted OSX users don't
have buttonized menus on their panel-bar, but they also have a
consistent, cross-app experience (the top panel bar changes which each
focused app, cueing the user that there is some experience to be
explored by clicking the words) and not to mention the inertia
supporting that paradigm. In gnome-shell, the word "Activities" is,
basically, bolded and styled in the same way as the focused app's
title, which appears immediately to its right.

Bottom line: all I'm saying is that if a new user isn't familiar with
the gnome-shell UI (watching videos, website, etc), then they don't
have a lot to go on (as Akshay rightly observes above).


On Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 3:12 PM, Akshay Dua <akshay cs pdx edu> wrote:
>> Yes, I also think we need a Welcome message at the first login for all
>> new users accounts.
>> A welcome message look like:
>> Welcome on Gnome 3.0
>> → See a short presentation video.
>> → See manual.
>> → Begin to Use.
> This is a great idea!
> -- Akshay
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