Re: Visual cues

Yes, I also think we need a Welcome message at the first login for all
new users accounts. 

A welcome message look like:

Welcome on Gnome 3.0
→ See a short presentation video.
→ See manual.
→ Begin to Use.

Le vendredi 25 février 2011 à 14:50 -0800, Akshay Dua a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I was just trying the latest Gnome shell available from and
> I think its beautiful. Thank you so much for the fresh ideas in UI
> design.
> I have just one complain: the default desktop has no visual cues about
> accessing new features. Most notably...
> Unlike previous versions, there is no Gnome (or distro) logo next to
> the main menu, so it does not appear that "Activities" is a click-able
> button (my wife had no idea how to start a browser to figure out how
> to use gnome shell). Also, there is no way to know that the system
> settings menu is behind the user's chat status.
> Finally, there is no way to know that the new Gnome supports gestures
> like dragging a window to the top to maximize it (especially now that
> the maximize button is gone), or to the left and right for setting up
> a side-by-side layout.
> The shell is so amazing, but because its also so different and new,
> there should be some built-in way to inform people about its new
> features: either during installation (short video), or via visual cues
> while using the desktop.
> Just my thoughts. Thanks again for the lovely, clean, and polished
> desktop. 

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