Visual cues

Hi all,

I was just trying the latest Gnome shell available from and
I think its beautiful. Thank you so much for the fresh ideas in UI

I have just one complain: the default desktop has no visual cues about
accessing new features. Most notably...

Unlike previous versions, there is no Gnome (or distro) logo next to
the main menu, so it does not appear that "Activities" is a click-able
button (my wife had no idea how to start a browser to figure out how
to use gnome shell). Also, there is no way to know that the system
settings menu is behind the user's chat status.

Finally, there is no way to know that the new Gnome supports gestures
like dragging a window to the top to maximize it (especially now that
the maximize button is gone), or to the left and right for setting up
a side-by-side layout.

The shell is so amazing, but because its also so different and new,
there should be some built-in way to inform people about its new
features: either during installation (short video), or via visual cues
while using the desktop.

Just my thoughts. Thanks again for the lovely, clean, and polished desktop.

- Akshay

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