Re: The logic behind remove "Restart" and hide "Power Off" in User menu.


the decision to temporarily remove the possibility to hide/maximize
windows is okay with me. Owen Taylor adduced good reasons. There
hopefully will be a real solution in 3.2.

A few hours ago I discovered that "Shutdown..." was removed from the
user menu in favour of "Suspend". By pressing a modifier key it is
possible to switch between stop modes.

But how is it possible to distinguish between dynamic and normal menu
items before pressing a modifier key? How can one even get the idea to
press a modifier key? Which modifier key? How do you want to
illustrate this behaviour? I think these questions should be included
in a decision how to design this properly. What about a tooltip or
another indicator for dynamic menu items?

Just think about this fictional remark: "Linux can't restart or
shutdown. You have to press the power or reset button".

It should also be possible to permanently alternate the "Suspend" menu
item with "Shutdown..." (gconf). I (almost) never use
suspend/hibernate on portable and stationary computers.


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