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On 1 Feb 2011, at 19:07, Owen Taylor wrote:

> "Calum Benson" wrote
>> "Flicking the pointer" is easy enough to do with a real mouse, but
>> isn't a gesture that works very well with touchpads, which I'd guess a
>> lot of our users will be using most of the time. When I try to flick
>> the pointer with my touchpad, it just stops halfway :) From a brief
>> experiment, if my pointer's in the middle of the screen, it takes me
>> two (on my laptopt screen), sometimes three (on my external monitor)
>> separate finger movements to hit the corner...
> What we've discussed doing and the input people tell us is feasible
> (but nobody has started doing the implementation) would be to make
> the corners of the touchpad absolute - so if you tap the upper left
> corner or lower right corner of the touchpad it's like throwing your
> mouse into that corner. I'm not sure if that would move the mouse or
> just activate the action for the hot corner.

That certainly sounds like it would be an improvement. Not sure I'd want to it move the mouse, though.


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