encrypted home directory and GNOME Shell


I hope this is the right mailing list for my question. If I'm on the
wrong list please point me to the right one.

I have an encrypted home partition which gets decrypted and mounted
during the boot process. GNOME Shell shows this home partition as a
removable device in the system notification area and offers me the
option to umount it. That's quite annoying because it clutters the
notification area. I think such a directory shouldn't be detected as an
removable device. Is it possible to tell the Shell to ignore the mounted
home directory?


Björn Schießle <bjoern schiessle org>
www: http://schiessle.org
gnupg key: 0x4EA69542528052C4
fingerprint: 40E1 B49B DADE 5802 C19A 2ADF 4EA6 9542 5280 52C4

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