Re: GNOME Shell 3.0.1 schedule

On 04/05/2011 02:44 PM, Owen Taylor wrote:
> So I want to hold off on branching 3.0 until we're pretty much happy
> with 3.0.1.

Yeah, makes sense.

> Selection of possible 3.0.1 candidate patches

I'll also suggest:

Bug 646708 - network: fix two warnings when removing a network device
(trivial, cleans up two warnings and a leak)

Bug 646451 - lookingGlass: bring back the inspector icon
(trivial, only affects lg, so no danger in pushing it)

Bug 646108 - Cursor setting is broken

Bug 646761 - Mutter should not apply the special modal decoration if the
parent window is the desktop

Bug 646205 - assignment to undeclared variable format in telepathyClient.js
(uber-trivial, obviously correct)

Bug 646395 - WWAN section behaves strangely
(multiple fixes, at least one obviously correct and highly visible)

Bug 646246 - dbus: Add connect_sync() method to bus objects

-- Dan

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