Re: Live preview for all windows in alt-tab display?

I completely agree with Allessandro

I admit that I've been lost some times, mostly when I forget to put the
two applications I'm switching back and forth on the same workspace. In
this situation, I expect that Alt-Tab brings up the previous used
application, while it brings up other applications on the current
I've got the same problems : All the terminals in a same workspace or 2, FF in another  and tb in yet another. I sometimes get lost.
Plus, what puzzles me is to have to use both hands to be able to switch between 2 terminals. 
This might be my fault for not grouping vim and the terminal on the same
space, however it puzzles me.
One cannot assess in advance on how people wil organize their windows

Regarding live previews, I definitely prefer large icons. For me, it is
much easier to recognize an app from its icon rather than from a tiny
(usually white) preview :).
Isn't this something that the user, able to choose before, should still be abe to choose now ?

I'm having a look into alttab.js to see how things can be changed. however, is there a way to override alttab.js with an extenstion ?


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