Re: Live preview for all windows in alt-tab display?

On Fri, 29 Oct 2010 10:52:20 +0100
Allan Day <allanpday gmail com> wrote:

> We need to address is the question of switching order before
> concerning ourselves with visual presentation. (I know that this has
> been discussed by some of the design folk, though I'm not sure what
> the content of those discussions was.)
> Personally speaking, I often find the current alt-tab behaviour to be
> a bit confusing. I haven't been able to pin down exactly why, but I
> seem to end up in a tangle. It behaves differently from how I expect
> it to. It might be the application/window split in the alt-tab logic,
> or it might be something a little more nuanced. Has anybody else on
> the list had similar experiences?
> Best,
> Allan

I admit that I've been lost some times, mostly when I forget to put the
two applications I'm switching back and forth on the same workspace. In
this situation, I expect that Alt-Tab brings up the previous used
application, while it brings up other applications on the current

An example:
Vim and Chromium on Workspace 1, Gnome-terminal on Workspace 2.
I would like to switch between vim and the terminal, but when I'm in
vim the Alt-Tab first choice is Chromium, even though I previously used
the terminal.

This might be my fault for not grouping vim and the terminal on the same
space, however it puzzles me.

Regarding live previews, I definitely prefer large icons. For me, it is
much easier to recognize an app from its icon rather than from a tiny
(usually white) preview :).


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