Re: Some issues calling atk methods II

From: Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com>

> On Thu, 2010-10-28 at 20:37 +0200, Piñeiro wrote:
>> (Not sure if this is the proper list, but detected using gnome-shell,
>> sorry for the noise if this is the case).
> Well, there is no GJS-list, and it's a problem you are hitting working
> on gnome-shell so it's fine to discuss here.

Ok, thanks.

> (We don't do a lot of devel discussion on mailing lists - we tend to use
> IRC and bugzilla more, but for stuff that works well on a mailing list,
> this is the place.)

(Eduardo Lima here at Igalia advised me to ask Johan Dahlin on IRC, but
at that moment he was not on IRC, so I sent the mail).

>> But doing that I get this exception:
>> ("Unhandled array element type 16")@gjs_throw:0
>> I have checked Atk-1.0.gir, and it seems correct (I can paste the
>> method data if required).
>> I'm doing something wrong? Suggestions?
> Nothing you are doing wrong - GJS just doesn't support arrays of objects
> (16 is the "INTERFACE" type which means "pointer to a
> boxed/structure/object". Your options at this point:
>  * File a bug against GJS and wait

There are already a bug "Generalize array support" [2] As far as I see
this bug would solve this issue.

>  * Add the capability to GJS yourself
>    (gjs/gi/argc.:gjs_array_to_intarray() is the version for arrays of
>    integers that you would need to extend and add something similar
>    for arrays of objects)

That includes a patch, and Chris Lord created a branch to test it. I
tried to compile it but fails on compilation. I suppose that this is
because the changes on gobject introspection (patch was uploaded on

>  * Add a wrapper function to gnome-shell/src/shell-global.c that takes a
>    GList of objects rather than an array of objects and use that from
>    your code.
>    (The function would just convert the list to an array and call the
>    ATK function.)

> The last is certainly the fastest way to get to the end result. (If you
> do that, please also file the bug against GJS if there isn't already one
> there.)

Well, as I said on my original mail, in this specific case I can use
atk_object_add_relationship [1]. The purpose of my question was more
about what to do if I'm in the same situation in the future. I hope
that at that moment the bug would be solved.

Thanks for your answers



API (apinheiro igalia com)

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