Re: A little personal opinion about Gnome-Shell

Hello All

I think that's a good idea.The "Expo" view of Gnome-Shell is very good and
better than the compiz one.

I hope that gnome could always have a panel system like gnome-panel .
I don't understand why someone want to "kill" him (not now but later)
because there think that"panel system is the past".
I think that gnome must stay a gnome-panel like because it's a very good
interface system and i think there no good reason to don't keep it.

I've 2 suggestions about the future of panel system: 
The First : Create a panel mode like gnome-panel in gnome-shell that could
have the same options (and more of course).
But to wait a good panel system in gnome-shell developer must continue to
develop gnome-panel.

The Second : Two interface for gnome , an interface with gnome-panel
(developers must continue to develop him) and an
interface with gnome-shell .


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