Default number of workspaces

Hi everybody,

I tried searching on Google and on this list but I didn't find any
working solution to start the shell with a custom number of workspaces.

I would like to start apps on login with custom workspaces rules
(using devilspie), however I can't do that with the Shell since only
one workspace is created by default.

I cannot also rely on hibernate, since it is somewhat broken using
nvidia drivers and the Shell does not work with nouveau (GT 310M on a
Vaio laptop, really bad combination), which also sometimes freezes the
laptop. Furthermore, Gnome session does not seem to remeber the
number of spaces in the shell. Hence, devilspie
+ workspace is the only way to have autoarranged apps on spaces.

Is this possible, planned or do you think it is useless?  If
somebody points me to the right direction I might try hacking the code.
Please note however that I am completely unfamiliar with javascript and
gtk, so I might give goo starting directions :)


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