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Hello All

I think that's a good idea.The "Expo" view of Gnome-Shell is very good and
better than the compiz one.

I hope that gnome could always have a panel system like gnome-panel .
I don't understand why someone want to "kill" him (not now but later)
because there think that"panel system is the past".
I think that gnome must stay a gnome-panel like because it's a very good
interface system and i think there no good reason to don't keep it.

The panel is not going away because it is old.  It's going away because it's become somewhat hard to maintain.  Particularly, the applet system has proven to be hard to understand, hard to program, and the kind of applets people have been writing has been pretty much different variations of the same set of applets.  So there hasn't been much innovation on that front.  Plus the applet system uses bonobo which is now considered deprecated for GNOME.  I believe that the panel coming out will not have any bonobo at all.

In any case, the shell is written in _javascript_ and I expect that if people wanted to write a dock or panel type stuff it shouldn't be hard to do.  It's just going to be done in GNOME shell itself.  Never discount the fact that people are free to implement things they want if it is missing.  That is one of the benefits of Free Software.  In any case, you could use "docky" or some other kind of dock to replace the panel.  I use it myself in combination with gnome-do.  Docky I believe a panel mode as well.  I suggest you try out the dock software and see if it fits your needs.

I've 2 suggestions about the future of panel system:
The First : Create a panel mode like gnome-panel in gnome-shell that could
have the same options (and more of course).
But to wait a good panel system in gnome-shell developer must continue to
develop gnome-panel.

That's probably what is going to happen.  As someone else noted, the old panel will be around for awhile longer and you can go back to it if you want.  It'll have bug fixes just no features.
The Second : Two interface for gnome , an interface with gnome-panel
(developers must continue to develop him) and an
interface with gnome-shell .

Unlikely to happen, unless third party developers decide to implement something.


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