A little personal opinion about Gnome-Shell

Hello everybody. _o/

I just want to say my opinion about Gnome Shell. 

It's realy good, fast and practice for open an application directly on
the desktop that we want. It's also perfect for manage (add/remove)
desktops and move applications window's between all desktops. 

But what else?

I think Gnome-Shell is beautifull for eyes, but It add no enough good
news and we lost too simplicity and ergonomics in comparison to the
present-day Gnome 2.XX desktop. Gnome-Shell add the two good features I
wrote above, but is not better than the Gnome 2.XX. Devs of Gnome 2.XX
built a very very good UI and is very very dificult to make better.

I'm not alone to think this.

Gnome-Shell (without her left column) is very very good for replace the
Expo plugin of Compiz, but it's not enough to become the desktop of
Gnome 3.

The present-day "3 menus" (Applications, Shortcut and System) and the
list of windows of Gnome 2.XX is more quickly and ergonomic than the
left panel of Gnome-Shell.

Criticism is good, but propose is better, no? :D

This is what is propose:

• Use Gnome-Shell as replacing Expo plugin of Compiz.
• Keep the present-day two Gnome-panels with the "3
menus" (Applications, Shortcuts and System) and the list of windows
opened (the present-day Gnome main UI).
• When user move the mouse to bottom right of the screen (or press Alt
+Ctrl+DOWN keys), after an animation, he see all desktops with all
windows like in Gnome-Shell (exacly like in present-day Gnome-Shell but
without her left column).
• For open an application directly on a specific desktop, juste clic on
the Applications menu and drag-and-drup the application icon to the
specific desktop that you want.
• User can also move window between all desktops, add/remove desktop,
etc. Exacly like in present-day Gnome-Shell.

Whit this, user have the better of Gnome 2.XX and the better of
Gnome-Shell. He manage and use Gnome exacly like in Gnome 2.XX and when
he want to manage all desktops he have a powerful tool.

What do you think about this?

Gendre Sebastien <korbe romandie com>

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