Re: Gnome objectives

On Mon, 2010-11-22 at 10:13 +0100, Andreas Wallberg wrote: 
> As a user with good intents, it is quite off-putting to get the canned
> response that the version used to file feedback and thoughts on
> usability is outdated compared to what the devs are seeing on their
> own desktops. It just does not fit how many of us think about
> community development. 

Then perhaps how you think about development is wrong.

> It is unfortunately quite difficult to build
> the Shell on the distributions that I have tried so far, and I suspect
> this is true for others as well.

I believe openSUSE provides quite current GNOME3 packages from their
GNOME:Factory repository.  It was quite currently last time I tried it.

> The KDE guys experienced a major backlash with the UI paradigm changes
> with KDE 4.0 and we do not want history to repeat itself with Gnome 3.

I don't believe the above is true;  don't mistake a small very vocal
group for a "major backlash".  Always remember that those with a
negative opinion have more motivation to speak-up than those who agree
or are happy with a project direction.  Measuring anything by forum /
list "vibe" is a *totally* flawed approach to understanding overall

> If the users do not seem to "get" a particular design choice, please
> take a few moments to explain them.

As a user I feel that GNOME 3 has been well explained many, many,
many... times.  Perhaps those who don't understand could spend a few
seconds going out to find and *read* the explanation.  Or there are even
audio / video talks from GUADEC about it; and at least one audio
interview from GUADEC.  So you can *read*, *hear*, and *see* the
explanations of GNOME 3.  Anyone who claims it isn't being explained is
a *troll*, full-stop.

> Personally, I really like the Shell 


Adam Tauno Williams <awilliam whitemice org>

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