Re: Active Applications list

Dear Giovanni,

>>> I propose some kind of active apps/tasks list that is displayed at all
>>> times. I get the feeling that the developers want to keep the
>>> panel/task bar (whatever it is being called) clutter free, so they are
>>> not going to want program names splattered across it. I think the
>>> solution would be to have smallish icons of the active apps/tasks
>>> displayed next to the activities button.
>> Hi and thanks for trying the Shell and reporting. This issue has been
>> discussed many times already on this list though, and designers and
>> developers don't have the time to answer again an again the same
>> concerns.
>> To be short: it's at the core or the Shell's design to work with the
>> overview rather than an application list. Though the Shell has a support
>> for optional extensions, so if somebody steps in and provides an
>> application list extension, this feature will be available for people
>> who feel the need for it. But not by default.
> I managed to write something that, while looking similar to the
> Application pane in the overview, offers rapid window management,
> without zooming in and out and without moving the previously active
> window, if only for a second. A dock, if you prefer.
> Differently from AWN and Docky, though, this uses Shell's own window
> management facilities, so should have the same behaviour in edge cases
> (like windows with incorrect class, loader windows, windows with no
> title, windows that cannot be mapped to an active application, etc.),
> to get an overall consistent experience.
> You can find it at
> (replace _ with @ after download)

Could you perhaps leave us a note how to integrate/use it?


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