Re: Active Applications list

Le jeudi 24 juin 2010 à 22:19 +1200, Nick a écrit :
> I propose some kind of active apps/tasks list that is displayed at all
> times. I get the feeling that the developers want to keep the
> panel/task bar (whatever it is being called) clutter free, so they are
> not going to want program names splattered across it. I think the
> solution would be to have smallish icons of the active apps/tasks
> displayed next to the activities button.
Hi and thanks for trying the Shell and reporting. This issue has been
discussed many times already on this list though, and designers and
developers don't have the time to answer again an again the same

To be short: it's at the core or the Shell's design to work with the
overview rather than an application list. Though the Shell has a support
for optional extensions, so if somebody steps in and provides an
application list extension, this feature will be available for people
who feel the need for it. But not by default.

Sorry to be quick, but if you want more details, see the list archives
for the last few months:
and be sure to read the design documents too:


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