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On 07/31/2010 11:53 AM, Barra wrote:
Trust me, we get this comment a lot (and I'm not even a developer of the project, so I assume they hear things like this a lot more than I do). GNOME Shell isn't about being "normal" or "familiar", and isn't reinventing the wheel either. Instead, we're taking the wheel we already have and are making it more efficient and easier to control. If you're curious, the GNOME Shell project page on GNOME Live! has some interesting roadmaps, design pages, and an excellent tour. You might want to look at these considering GNOME Shell has 8 months until it is mature enough for GNOME 3.0 (hopefully).

it is obvious your trying to do something new but for today:

- Notifications are incredibly intrusive and wasting too much space
(especially chat)
Last I checked, much effort was made to reduce the intrusiveness of the notifications. This page on the GNOME Shell design wiki shows how the current notification system could work for a music player such as Rhythmbox. The notifications are small and compact (picture two) compared to NotifyOSD or the current GNOME notification system, which covers the top-right corner of the screen, blocking buttons and the like. The notifications disappear quickly and they can be expanded (picture three) by hovering your mouse over them. Notifications that just appeared can be accessed by moving your mouse to the bottom right corner; note that this feature isn't fully completed yet, and a partially working version can be accessed by using the latest build you can find of GNOME Shell.
- The search tools are slow and inaccurate (when the integration of Zeitgeist?)
I cannot comment on this, but these two mockups (one and two) are what the search feature should like after the design is finished.
- This mockup is more like Ubuntu Unity that gnome-shell (and IMHO
this is good) but still are obvious limits to this solution. Too many
clicks are required to start a program!
Add a program to your "favorites" list so you can open it in one click. It's no harder than adding an application to a dock-style program.
- There is hope of seeing a sidebar (months removed from gnome-shell
but IMHO useful)?
I can't officially comment on this, but there seems to be some work on "Gizmos" and "Extensions" for GNOME Shell. Somebody on this mailing list once said before that "If somebody needs an extension or a gizmo to easily do a function, we've failed." The designers are trying very hard to make it so you don't have to use them at all, but of course, like Firefox, there are certain Add-ons that make a program more useful in your opinion. GNOME Shell will eventually have a mechanism for this, but it's too early to say exactly how it works.
P.s. sorry 4 my english (I used google translate!)
You're fine! Google did a very good job at translating :)

    - Ryan Peters, GNOME Shell tester

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