Re: some thoughts on gnome shell

On 01/08/10 01:26, Ryan Peters wrote:
Hello Francis,

On 07/31/2010 12:50 AM, Grizzly(Francis Smit) wrote:
1). the menus are a pain if you don't know the name of what ur looking for, u cannot browse
I'm pretty sure this is the case for every operating system once you first use it. Exactly which menu are you talking about? Applications menu, clock preferences menu, user menu...? Note that GNOME Shell will look much different <> in the future, and the menus you find hard to navigate (in this example, the applications menu) will be much easier to navigate.
ok that looks much better how soon will I be able to play with this :-P
2). and theres no where to put my short cut links, in normal gnome I have 4 panels top bottom and each side top and sides have lots of quick launch launchers i.e. icons and some applets, I love applets bottom is my taskbar I love that two I hate the taskbar
The application switcher lets you have "favorite" applications. This is much more space-saving than quick-launch links because it only pops up when you need it to and it gives you much more vertical screen space. If you require launchers like that, try launching something like DockbarX in standalone mode, using Docky/AWN/Cairo Dock, or some other solution that can run independently of the panel.
which brings me to
3). no taskbar I need my taskbar switching apps in gnome-shell sux
The Application switcher is actually much more efficient than a standard panel-based application switcher. Applications are grouped and it's easy to find specific windows if you have many open. As I said earlier, independent "dock-style" programs could help your apparent need for an always-visible application switcher.
ok I'll try some of those again, but I'm turned off when people describe these things as being like Mac OS X as I find that system repulsive, as far as I'm concerned OS X is the ugliest desktop I have ever seen

  In my life God comes first.... but Linux is pretty high after that :-D
Grizzly(Francis Smit)

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