some thoughts on gnome shell

I've noticed that you can now set the properties on the clock, yay 24 hour time but I still cannot use this thing for long as:

1). the menus are a pain if you don't know the name of what ur looking for, u cannot browse

2). and theres no where to put my short cut links, in normal gnome I have 4 panels top bottom and each side top and sides have lots of quick launch launchers i.e. icons and some applets, I love applets bottom is my taskbar I love that two I hate the taskbar

which brings me to
3). no taskbar I need my taskbar switching apps in gnome-shell sux

in short I do not like gnome-shell so far, and I will continue to use the old 2.x series even if I have to fork it to keep it alive

  In my life God comes first.... but Linux is pretty high after that :-D
Grizzly(Francis Smit)

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